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Destino Coaching is a leading provider of professional coaching services in the education sector. We specialise in coaching headteachers and principals, as well as implementing coaching programs in schools.


Coaching for Headteachers

I am an ICF-credentialed coach and former headteacher. Destino Coaching was formed from my desire to serve headteachers and give them a voice. Through coaching, I partner with you to help you achieve your big dreams for your school, without compromising your health… 

Coaching in Schools

In our Coaching in Schools programme we work with school leaders to explore how coaching methods can improve the quality of teaching in your school or group of schools. The areas we look at and support with are Codifying teaching approaches..



LEAP is a course for Headteachers. It is delivered over seven live Zoom sessions led by Nadia and includes a small, private networking group hosted online as well as a workbook for each module.
Learn new ways of framing challenges so that you feel in control, build the school you want and stay in the job longer.

Nadia’s book is available to buy today!
Do you struggle to achieve your big dreams for your school? In this book, Nadia shows you how you can master headship, tackle the tough bits and make your school successful. She teaches you tried and tested tools for remaining strategic and challenges you to think differently about who you are and how you lead. This is a book for Headteachers who need some support with the best way to manage the complex range of relationships in a school, while pushing forward to achieve strategic goals.

Nadia, former Headteacher and school leadership coach, challenges you to look within for the answers to difficult situations and to think bigger about your potential to influence.

If you want to to learn some new ways to manage your work and think more broadly about being a Headteacher, this book will help you. Nadia draws on over 20 years of leadership and coaching in schools to bring you the key issues facing Headteachers as well as some ways forward. Through mindset work, strategic planning and some work on yourself, you can be fulfilled in headship even in the most challenging circumstances. This book shows you how. Be prepared to look inward, to look at things differently and to grow and learn. You can be happy in headship without compromising your well-being.

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