Break the Bias

An interview with Hildi Mitchell, exploring being a woman, a mother and a female headteacher to celebrate International Women’s Day 2022 Hildi Mitchell has been headteacher of Downs Infant School in Brighton for 5 years. She is an active member of NAHT and is mother to Polly (21) and Elsie (15). To celebrate Break the Bias for […]

Big Team Adventure

Reflections on the arrival of The Big Team Adventure to Suffolk. Yesterday marked the start of something special. I shadowed and supported Peter Hyman, co-Director of Big Education delivering the first session of The Big Team Adventure with two Suffolk schools. Below are my reflections. Who are you? Session one of this programme began by […]

Supporting pupils with ADHD in schools

A reflection on best ways to support young people with ADHD. Even as a parent of a child with ADHD, as a teacher I struggled to find and implement strategies to support my students with the diagnosis. I found many things that ‘worked’, but many more that didn’t. The search continued when I became a […]

What are ‘special interests’?

What are special interests for people with Autism – a personal illustration. Hunter is not Hunter’s real name – he chose it for this blog. It is taken from the Japanese anime series, Hunter X Hunter. The show features the protagonist Gon, on a mission to train himself as a hunter. He reunites with his […]

Why I started this blog?

A brief explanation for how my Winnie the Pooh units came to be. I am Nadia, founding Director of Destino Coaching. I coach school leaders and support them to have positive influence in their communities. I have been a teacher for over 20 years and I love planning learning sequences. I am also Mum to […]